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Culture Transformation.

Organizational Network Analysis

Transform ONA (Organizational Network Analysis) is a is a mix of management consulting emboldened by next-generation technology. It is used for organizational analysis and driven by living system theory. Like Google Earth view, but for organizations, it provides a live snapshot of the entire organizational network and connections within.

Transform ONA captures the organization as if it were a living organism and provides real-time data for:

  • Measuring organizational health & efficiency
  • Zooming in on departments, teams, and individuals
  • Zooming out on customers, partners, and suppliers
  • Identifying the hidden influencers
  • Discovering high potential leaders
  • Sensing gatekeepers & bottlenecks
  • Showcasing hidden talents


We support you with best practices, guidance, and survey templates to prepare the team for the analysis process. This includes gathering existing data and holding 1-1 stakeholder sessions to understand the current challenges and priorities.


We consolidate all the data from our own survey-engine to look at the entire organizational network. We zoom in on specific organizational areas in alignment with clients’ key challenges and priorities to showcase what is happening in real-time.


Our system and PhD-level experts process the data and provide a report of detailed insights, sense making sessions for all stakeholders., and actionable recommendations for organizational interventions.

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