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Celebrating Transform’s Journey so far: Reflections on Our First Community Retreat.

Khadija Hamidaldin

Dec. 22, 2022

We recently held our first community-retreat event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It was an enriching experience that gathered the Transform core team, executive coaches, consultants, and partners from more than 8 countries in a relaxed and scenic setting right here in the heart of the Kingdom.

This retreat has been part of the collective dream of Transform’s founder Marwan Aljahani and the Transform team to create an event that allows us to deepen our connection with each other, share our knowledge, invite collaboration, generate inspiring ideas, and find new ways for bringing impact to the community around us.

To help this dream come to fruition, two Transform coaches coordinated and co-led this meaningful community event. Tiina-Maija Bergman, Coach, and Transform Community Weaver together with Coach Khawla Alhaidari echoed our founder’s vision of “believing in the power of human connectedness and the importance of an aligned, harmonious community, which is the main purpose for the creation of this retreat.”

The first Transform retreat succeeded in aligning the brightest minds of our circle with this purpose. The days were filled with a variety of fun and interactive experiences. One of the highlights was a knowledge-sharing session, which was an opportunity for everyone who attended to learn more about Transform’s story and offered an in-depth look at our relation to the company’s values, vision, and mission. On day 2, our coaches had the opportunity to complete their certification process in Team Dynamics Mastery, a valuable coaching tool that was facilitated by our dear partner and friend, Lisa Stefanac, who joined us from Chicago. It was her first trip to Saudi Arabia and after the event experience ended, she excitedly added that she would be back soon.

Throughout the entire 3-day event we had the opportunity to exchange valuable feedback, insights, and ideas with our talented and creative Transform team, and we are honored to include them in our future plans.

All in all, we are very keen to see what the future holds for Transform and the community and are looking forward to growing and collaborating with our network of coaches and experts to bring the biggest impact to the Kingdom as we continue our journey to humanize growth.

More About Transform:

Transform is a company that essentially seeks to humanize the growth in organizations by tapping into collective intelligence, which helps us generate unique offerings not only to the organizations we work with but also to serve the community within and around us.“We Dare to Dive Deep. We Strive to Make an Impact. We Inspire to Innovate. We Continue to Grow. “Learn more about Transform on our website: