Meaningful Conversations

Meaningful Conversations 01

Henry Kimsey-House

From the depths of human relations, and human experiences in different countries and cultures, we begin the first season of our show #Meaningful_Conversations. From a human to another, pursuing the spread of inspiration. Here’s our first guest on the very first episode of the show, Henry Kimsey-House – Co-Founder of CTI (Co-Active Training Institute).


Meaningful Conversations 02

Noel Sy-Quia

Watch the second episode of #MeaningfulConversations with our CEO, Marwan Aljahani, featuring guest speaker Noel Sy-Quia, Executive Coach, who helps people discover their path to leadership, facilitates self–awareness, and help them apply it in service of their teams and organizations. One of the important doctrines he lives by: “When I’m listening to someone, really what I’m looking for are potential echoes to my own pain; and because I want to resolve my own pain, I then get curious about someone else’s pain.”